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Made Up

Made Up" is a film about body dysmorphic disorder.

The Quarantine Dream

A short film about a pandemic denier stuck in quarantine for two weeks... There's no way he could possibly have the virus since that's all just "fake news" anyways.... right...?

In Guns We Trust

A gangster dramedy

The Low Lives

Rob decides to get back into dating. Skid and Mr.ButtSlapper deal with a gang war.

Rate Your Clown

A dark comedy about clowns, and trust issues

The Final Kiss

An unfortunate event and a later argument 

Truth About Confederate Flag

Here's a skit we made... took a couple of hours and bunch of make up. That's it

Safe Til Sunset

Two con artists wake up in a locked room that contains a vampire. They only have hours to kill the menace before the sunlight above them runs out.


Before Dinah Kent committed suicide, she left an innocent video on YouTube. If you're heartless enough to dislike it, you will soon join her in the after life

"They Belong To Him"

This is his night and his night alone.

Santa's Most Wanted

Santa has found a new Christmas helper to help track down the elusive Neil M. to pay for his years on the naughty list. This time Neil M. has outdone himself with his naughtiness and will pay for his sneaky ways.

Verboten Schokolade

A cult is divided because of an insane cult leader and members try to escape his control. In the process they have to confront their hooded sisters that have other plans for them.

Kentucky Fried Killer

Hippies + Killer chicken! What could possibly go wrong?


A fun vacation turns bad 

Stripper Goes Crazy

A guy screen-recorded a convo between him and his girlfriend, and the girl was being held hostage by some crazy guy!!!!!

Death Nuts Challenge

A hot pepper challange 

Best Friend

I girl and her best friend


A man chooses how he wants to die 

Banana Express

The walkin' dude is told to make a package delivery to a mysterious “phantom”

Vials - Directors Cut

Survivors of a horrible plague have to vote on what to do with a severely infected group member.

American Time Travel

Two men recklessly play with time travel and bring home a new pet

1015 Hollygrove Lane

A Family learns about a dark past

Zero / Intuitions

FunMill Films 2019 submissions for Cleveland's 48 Hour Film Competition

Moscow Mule

A man looking for acceptance and connection at a late night bar. What he finds is trouble and community that will last him the rest of his life.

Chains of Burden

the train conductor and chain men that drag the burdens of their lives in long chains to the misery of others.

Squee Squee

A young woman has to confront a dark secret from her past.

Count The Piggies

this scrapper might have bitten into more than he can chew, all he has are a few tricks of the trade to get him out of this trouble!

Dominows overPawns

A man from the past challenges the idea life is like dominoes. For some, life is a chess board and pawns are the first to go. But then again this could be the first domino in a chain to make a check mate.

Peanut Butter Face

A birthday party takes a wrong turn when a mother hires "Peanut Butter Face" to entertain the kids at her daughters birthday party. 

American Exorcism

Three girl’s temp fate by playing with a, "new age witch kit", only to find out someone… SOMETHING, has heard their call. Now it’s up to P-POTS (Padre’s Paranormal Olimination Team) to save the day, but is it too late?

American Seance

A young girl is trying to reconcile her father’s tragic death, if she could only have said goodbye to him. No worries, P-POTS (Padre’s Paranormal Olimination Team) knows people that can talk to ghosts, but what fatherly advice will the ghost say?

Wants needs

Destiny is like dominoes, and to find the conclusion all the dominoes need to fall. So what happens when the physical embodiment of intuition meets the physical embodiment of malice? Just as dominoes fall, so is the destiny of these two people

Gigglin' Johnny

In a world full of corruption, deceit and vengeance, there is a man… a man with all the answers… GIGGLIN’ JOHNNY. Gigglin’ Johnny is the only man who can say NO to the vices and sins of man. Watch Gigglin’ Johnny light up the silver screen this summer, and when crime punches you in the dick, just tell them what Gigglin’ Johnny would say… NO!

PSA for teens

After a rash of deaths occurred last Halloween, we were commissioned to make a film that highlights the dangers involved with a myth that's become popular among teens. We hope everyone has a safe Halloween in 2018

More than that

​A young girl trapped in an abusive relationship is trying to find a way out with her friends’ help. The only thing left for her to do is to open the door and never look back.

The Night it ended

A lonely woman experiences strange occurrences during the night

Stranger in Town

A compelling and inspiring short film produced by The Word Church telling the world about Jesus.

My Skin is Gray

A date on a Valentine's Day that goes from bad to deadly

The Nice Cabin

A young girl is trying to be the best freelance doctor that she can be, there’s only once problem, her teachers sucks. Then one day a mysterious stranger from a far off land comes and changes everything.

The Visitors

A group of teenagers investigate an abandoned factory rumored to be a hub for extraterrestrial activity

Blind to it...

A family confronts a loved one with an addiction and implores him to see that he is destroying them along with himself.

How Unfortunate

A man reflects on his life, and tries to determine what to do next… or if there is even a next to move on too

The Land

This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Horror Project.


Everyone has secrets. Everyone has a past. Keith Thomas spends a restless night being confronted by the secrets of his past.

Spark in the Ashes

Looking to deal with the death of his family, a man plunges into the depths of an absinthe binge.  Hoping to find resolution and acceptance to this tragedy but is ultimately unable to tangibly deal with his emotions.


This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Horror Project.

I'm a Good Boy

Take a look into a day in life of a cute little pup name Frankle

What I left behind

A man looking for what he left behind, the question is, what did he leave behind? Was it his friend, family, or his conscience?

Faith in Rejection

A priest embroiled in a scandal redeems himself in the final moments of his life.

No Filter

For the 48 film competition. A contractor is hired to do a job and walk in customers think he is a therapist . our genre was "fish out of water"

No Filter 2

The story picks up one year later after the downfall of Dr Sier

Warrior Woman VS

The story picks up one year later after the downfall of Dr Sier


The story is about a cop, Miller, who over steps his authority and takes the life of a couple. Miller soon learns that you can’t escape judgement from the dead.

An Exploration

A wounded United States marine (Noah Kemp) behind enemy lines in World War II crosses paths with a deserting Nazi medic (Max Kogan) returning home to his wife (Meg Martinez). With Nicholas Storm.

Silence of War

A wounded United States marine (Noah Kemp) behind enemy lines in World War II crosses paths with a deserting Nazi medic (Max Kogan) returning home to his wife (Meg Martinez). With Nicholas Storm.

Body Cam

What started as a standard arrest suddenly goes terribly wrong


J-Crew presents “Kill World” a non-competitive 48 Hour Film Horror Project for Cleveland. We have a great time making this and we would like to thank all our cast/crew for putting up with us for a weekend. The total time spent for this came out up about 30 hours smile emoticon and we had fun and we did it for that reason.

Human Resources

Three fed-up co-workers attempt to get revenge on their horrible HR representative

 Wu Xia

A challenge between two against the 5 Masters


Two undercover cops try and Bust a drug lord only to find the system was corrupt

Merica Man

Put on some red, white, and blue, channel your 'Merican spirit, and get ready to see a clever, witty, comedic satire short film! See what kinds of extremes three roommates will go through to make it in the world. Being huge fans of superstar and all around amazing guy, "Epic Steve", they come up with some outlandish yet funny ways of getting some quick cash! Will it work or will it be an "Epic" fail?! Watch this fun film and find out for yourself!

 Elizabeth's Story

This is a PSA to help raise awareness to the dangers of texting while driving

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