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Released in 2014

Exploration in Madness (Extra) (2014) - Short

Fear Experience Haunted House (SPFX Makeup) (2014) - TV Commercial 1

Fear Experience Haunted House (SPFX Makeup) (2014) - TV Commercial 2

The Fear Experience: A Behind the Scenes Documentary (SPFX Makeup) (2014) - TV Documentary

Released in 2015

Dirt Kingdom (SPFX Makeup) (2015)

Bust (SPFX Makeup) (2015) - Short

You will go Darker (SPFX Makeup) (2015) - Short

You’re Move (SPFX Makeup) (2015) - Short

Body Cam (SPFX Makeup) (2015) - Short

Emily's Story (SPFX Makeup) (2015)

Kill World (SPFX Makeup) (2015) - Short

A Distorted Perspective (SPFX Makeup) (2015) - Short

Fear Experience Haunted House (SPFX Makeup) (2015) - TV Commercial 3

Fear Experience Haunted House (SPFX Makeup) (2015) - TV Commercial 4

Zombie Girl Fight Club (SPFX Makeup) (2015) - Short

The Brave Souls who fought against the Slave Vampire Women (SPFX Makeup) (2015)

Released in 2016

Banger (SPFX Makeup) (2016)

The Silence of War (SPFX Makeup) (2016) - Short

The Frontier (SPFX Makeup) (2016) - Short

Wu Xia (SPFX Makeup) (2016) - Short

The Conscious Dimension (SPFX Makeup) 2016 - Short

T.R.A.C.E (SPFX Makeup) (2016)

Project Die Happy (SPFX Makeup) (2016) - Short

Catch them all (SPFX Makeup) (2016) - Short

The Fear Revival (SPFX Makeup) (2016) - Short

Vial Prey (SPFX Makeup) (2016)

Rhyme Slaya (SPFX Makeup) (2016)

The Colours of Desire (SPFX Makeup) (2016)

In Production (SPFX Makeup/Extra) (2016)

Tainted (SPFX Makeup) (2016) -Short

Carcass (SPFX Makeup) (2016) - Short

Released in 2017

Running With The Angels (SPFX Makeup) (2017)

Stranger in Town (SPFX Makeup) (2017) -Short

No Filter (Director/Makeup) (2017) -Short

Merica Man  (SPFX Makeup) (2017) -Short

What I Left Behind (SPFX Makeup) (2017) -Short

Zombie Mission Run (SPFX Makeup) (2017) - TV Commercial

Faith in Rejection (SPFX Makeup) (2017) - Short

4k Zombie Adventure Run (SPFX Makeup) (2017) - TV Commercial

5K Zombie Mission Run (SPFX Makeup) (2017) - TV Commercial

Mental State 2 (SPFX Makeup) (2017) -Short

Acquitted (SPFX Makeup) (2017) -Short

In Guns We Trust (SPFX Makeup) (2017)

The Land  (Director/Wardrobe) (2017) -Short

Auditorium 6 (SPFX Makeup) (2017) - Short

Elizabeth's Story: Don't Text and Drive PSA (SPFX Makeup) (2017) TV Commercial

A Spark In The Ashes (SPFX Makeup) (2017) - Short

Released in 2018

Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride (SPFX Makeup) (2018)

Project E 1317 (SPFX Makeup) (2018)

Kingsbury Run (SPFX Makeup) (2018)

The Final Interview (Actor) (2018)

KOPPS The Movie (SPFX Makeup) (2018)

Beyond Repair (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short

I'm A Good Boy (Key Makeup Artist) (2018) -Short 

Pharisee (SPFX Makeup) (2018)

The Visitors (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short 

First Impressions (Extra) 2018 -Short 

Blind to It... (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short

Ghosted (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short

Brad's Story: Don't Drink & Drive PSA (SPFX Makeup) (2018) 

Aea (SPFX Makeup) (2018) - Short 

Innerself (SPFX Makeup) (2018) 

Human Resources (SPFX Makeup) (2018) - Short

More Than That (SPFX Makeup) (2018) - Short

A Samaritan Story (SPFX Makeup) (2018) 

The Night It Ended (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short 

No Filter 2: Overexposed (Actor/Makeup/Editing/Props) (2018) -Short

Fighting the Sky (SPFX Makeup) (2018)

Whatever it Takes (SPFX Makeup) (2018)

Mushroomhead: Vol III (SPFX Makeup/Self) (2018)

1015 Hollygrove LANE (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short

The Nice Cabin (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short

My Skin Is Gray (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short

A PSA for Teen-Aged Girls On Halloween (SPFX Makeup) (2018)  -Short

Restless (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short

Lamia: The Zombie Slayer (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short

Call Me (SPFX Makeup) (2018) 

How Unfortunate (SPFX Makeup) (2018) -Short

NextGen Restoration is celebrating New Year's Eve  (Actor) (2018) - TV Commercial

Released in 2019

P-POT Commercial: Giving Hell to a Vampire (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - TV Commercial

P-POT Commercial: Giving a Zombie a Headache (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - TV Commercial

P-POT Commercial: Teaching an Alien about Jesus (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - TV Commercial

Demonbond (SPFX Makeup) (2019) -Short

Skeleton Cop (SPFX Makeup) (2019) -Short

Wants, Needs, and Apologies (SPFX Makeup) (2019) -Short

Giggling Johnny (Actor/SPFX Makeup) (2019) -Short 

The Call (Actor (2019) -Short 

American Exorcism (SPFX Makeup) (2019)  -Short

Stare (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short 

American Seance (SPFX Makeup/Actor) (2019) - Short

DNA (SPFX Makeup) (2019)

Peanut Butter Face (SPFX Makeup/ Actor) (2019) - Short

Banana Express (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

Dominoes over Pawns (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

Squee, Squee or: How I became a guinea pig to go to the dark sky (Actor) (2019)

The Low Lives (SPFX Makeup) - Web Series - (2019)

Maximilian (SPFX Makeup) (2019)

Chains of Burden (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

There is no Eye in Cyclopse (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

Rate your clown (SPFX Makeup) (2019)

Inseparable (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

Zero Intuitions (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

Intuitions (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

Count The Piggies (SPFX Makeup) (2019)

Itty Bitts Episode 4 (Sound/Actor) (2019)

Wu Xia 2 (SPFX Makeup/Associate Producer) (2019) 

Squad (SPFX Makeup) (2019)

Moscow Mule (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

Dinah (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

The Craving (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

Toyed With(SPFX Makeup) (2019) -Short 

Back Again (SPFX Makeup) (2019) -Short

Verboten Schokolade (SPFX Makeup) (2019) -Short

Harbinger of Dracul (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short 

For Love (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

Seasonal Creep 2 (SPFX Makeup/ Actor) (2019)

Parker (SPFX Makeup) (2019) -Short

Cake (SPFX Makeup) (2019) - Short

Ron Goes To The Store (Actor) (2019) - Short

Released in 2020

The Death Nut Challenge (Self) (2020) - Documentary

The Final Kiss (Actor/SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

The Stars and the Storms (Extra) (2020)

Page One (SPFX Makeup/Actor) (2020) - Short

CLEAR! (Actor) (2020) - Short

Don't Tell Mama (Set Makeup) (2020) - Short

Deerly Departed (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Vials (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Rescate (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Safe Til Sunset project (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

The Prize (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

(SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Krampus 3: Hell Awakens (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Heights Girl 2 (SPFX Makeup) (2020

Too many Ron's (Director/SPFX Makeup/ Actor/ Writer) (2020) - Short

Votes (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Best Friend (Actor/ Camera) (2020) - Short

The Motel (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short 

Warrior Woman VS Demon Grandma Mary (Actor/ Producer) (2020) - Short

Red Acquisition (SPFX Makeup/Actor) (2020)

The Impersonator (SPFX Makeup) (2020) -Short

Kentucky Fried Killer (SPFX Makeup/Actor 2020) -Short

Frames Of Fear 3  (SPFX Makeup) (2020

Stripper Goes Crazy (SPFX Makeup) (2020) -Short

LUCY ATE RON (SPFX Makeup) (2020) -Short

Restitution (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Kneading to Know (SPFX Makeup/Actor) (2020) - Short

American Time Travel (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Make it a Scary One (SPFX Makeup) (2020

Assassins Game (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Virulent (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Vows (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Utilities Included (SPFX Makeup/Actor) (2020) - Short 

Veto (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

The Hacker (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Hometown (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Pretty Metal (SPFX) (2020) - Short 

Fun (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Numerus Duo (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Bloody Geyser (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Confederate Flag Problem (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

R & E Forever (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Vile (SPFX Makeup) (2020) 

Love and Murder (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Scales (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Short

Larry Vassel (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

DNA 2 (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Rebirth (SPFX Makeup/Zombie) (2020)

They Belong To Him (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Makeup (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

The Quarantine Dream (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Santa's Most Wanted (Actor) (2020)

Released in 2021

Made Up (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Ghosted: A One Sided Love Story (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Cleaning Day (SPFX) (2021) - Short 

Krampus 4: Origins (SPFX Makeup) (2021) - Short 

Audrey the Bee Girl (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Bed Bugs (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Infection (SPFX Makeup) (2021) - Short

Gross (SPFX Makeup) (2021) - Short

Love & Scare (SPFX Makeup) (2021) - TV Commercial 

Mama's Boy (SPFX Makeup) (2021) -Short 

First Date (SPFX Makeup) (2021

Tempter & Associates (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Nightmare Combat (SPFX Makeup) (2021) - TV Commercial 

Because I Can (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

The Lords Ladies (SPFX Makeup) (2021) 

The Hunt (SPFX Makeup) (2021) 

The Apology (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Dark Puppet (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Edgar and Vespera's Spooky Storytime (SPFX Makeup) (2021) -short

Killer Christmas 2 (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Baby Oopsie (props) 2021

The Tyke (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Blood Throne (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Wu Lin (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Final Girl (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Shades of RED (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Roached (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

The Cabin of Deceit (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

The Time We Have Left (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Brimstone Incorporated (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Santa's Christmas Helpers (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Projects in Post Production

Documentary: Hiding the body (SPFX Makeup/Editor/Director) (2022) Short Post Production

Fate Is Red (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production

Scavenders (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production

Kill World: Series (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production

How Not to Hide a Dead Body (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production

Documentary: The Making of Harbinger of Dracul (SPFX Makeup/Editor) (2022) - Short Post Production

Documentary: The Making of the Vile series (SPFX Makeup/Editor) (2022) - Short Post Production

Pandemonium (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production

Side Effects (SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Post Production

Murder Clown 1985 (2022) Post Production

Abandoned (SPFX Makeup) (2022Post Production

The Couch (SPFX Makeup) (2022Post Production

Lingerers (SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Post Production

Tell Your Children (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post production

The Day The Cannibal Hippies Fought Back (SPFX Makeup) (2022) -Short Post production

The Wolf Family Treasure (SPFX Makeup) (2022) post production

Black Girl Fatal (SPFX Makeup) (2022Post production

Raw Focus (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production

4 Days of Forgiveness (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production

Leviticus (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production

The Beautiful Ones (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production

Chloe (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production

The Buckeye Trail (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Post Production


Projects Currently Filming

Thugs VS Zombies (SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Filming

Inverse reversed (Director/Producer/Writer SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Filming

Son or Daughter (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Filming

Born of Malice (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Filming

Timeless (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Filming

The Dying Place (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Filming

Treatment (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Filming

The Chains of Redemption (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Filming

Quarantine (SPFX) (2022) - Short Filming

Gemini (SPFX Makeup) (2021) Filming

Tamara Brown (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Filming

Winter Soldier (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Filming

Hell Van (SPFX/Actor) (2022) - Short Filming

Honeymoon Hunt (SPFX Makeup) (2022Filming

Out of Darkness (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Filming


Projects in Pre Production

The 48 is Great (SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Pre production

Necrobordello (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

The Store (SPFX Makeup) (2021) Pre production

Bitter Almonds (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

While I Was Gone (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

Helltown (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

Halfway (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

The Caller (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

Best in the Business (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

God Hands (SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Pre production

How to piss off a photographer (Writer/director) (2022) Pre production

Clague Road Killer (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

Ron's Nightmare (SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Pre production

My Life (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

Entangle (SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Pre production

Best Friend 2 (SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Pre production

Comfort Zone (SPFX Makeup/Writer/ Asst Director) - Short Pre production

Salvation Avenue (Producer) (2022)  Pre production

He's Normal (Actor/SPFX) (2022) - Short Pre production

Trivial (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

Nightmares (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

Mephistophiliac (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

Krampus 5: The Snow Beast (SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Pre production

Dead Honest (Writer/ SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

The Vine (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

Tempestuous (Director/Producer/Writer SPFX Makeup) (2022) Pre production

Future Confirmed Projects 

What Not To Do In a Movie Theater (Writer/Assistant director) (2022) Announced

Backstabber (Writer / SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

It's Not What It Looks Like (SPFX Makeup/Writer/ Asst Director) (2022) Announced

HEX (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Peanut Butter Face 2 Makeup) (2022) Announced

Bad Timing (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Children of the corn: Return (Director/SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Petting Zoo (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Toyed With 2 (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

We Were Never Here  (Director/SPFX Makeup) (2022Announced

You're Going to Die  (SPFX Makeup) (2022Announced

American Repossession (SPFX Makeup) (2022) - Short Announced

Alone and Waiting (Director/Producer/Writer SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Nobody lives, Nobody Tells  (Writer SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

The Wrath of Rebecca Taylor (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Rotten (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Helicopter Cock  (Writer SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Xaviar Fox (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

The Shed Tapes (SPFX Makeup) (2022Announced

Shadows Of Inferus Asylum(SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Urban Legends To Die For (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Television Series

The Connected (SPFX Makeup/Actor) - TV Series - Filming (2016- present)

Horror Hotel (Assistant Director/SPFX Makeup/Actor/) - TV series - Filming (2017- present)

The Pasta Tin (SPFX Makeup) - Web Series - Filming (2017- present)

Infernum (SPFX Makeup)  TV series (2019 - present) Filming

Rumble TV (SPFX Makeup) (2020) - Pilot Post Production

Inside the 48 (Director/Host/Editor/) - TV series - Filming (2020- present)

Music Videos

Demons Within: Pale life Dead eyes (Director/Editor, SPFX Makeup) (2013)

All Dinosaurs: Tight Rope (SPFX Makeup) (2013)

Impending Lies - Screams to Whispers  (Editor) (2014)

Sunless Sky: Subzero (Director/Editor) (2015)

17.DED: Guest of Honor (SPFX Makeup) (2015)

Fallen Captive: The Flooded Divide (SPFX Makeup) (2015)

Dr Dreadful: Its Not Necrophilia If It's Undead (SPFX Makeup) (2016)

Fallen Captive: Force Fed (SPFX Makeup) (2016)

Raven Black: Twinkle Twinkle little scars (SPFX Makeup) (2017)

I Monster: Who is She? (SPFX Makeup) (2017)

Dose : Rise Up (SPFX Makeup) (2018)

Mushroomhead - We Are The Truth (SPFX Makeup) 2018

Boo Sprag: No Loose Ends (SPFX Makeup) (2018)

Key To The Mint: Fraud (SPFX Makeup) (2018) 

Konniption Fit: The Devil and Poseidon (SPFX Makeup) (2018)

Leaf Borbie & The Family Tree: Died Long Time Ago  (SPFX Makeup) (2019)

Post Malone: Sunflower (Makeup/Actor) (2019)

Two Dead Roses: Fight (SPFX Makeup) (2019) 

The Low Lives Band: Someone Kill Me(SPFX Makeup) (2019)

Blind Cross: Bioluminosity (Director/Editor, SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Hell and Back: Soar (Director/Cinematographer) (2020)

Sabbotozz: 2020 promo (Director/Cinematographer/Editor) (2020) 

The Low Lives Band: Advice from an Immigrant  (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Sabbotozz: Mr. Crowley (Director/Cinematographer/Editor) (2020)

The Low Lives Band: Tiger King  (SPFX Makeup/Actor) (2020)

DJ $crilla: Social Distancing  (Camera) (2020)

Skidmarxxx: Strawberries and Cream (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Nathan Priest: Stranger (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Skidmarxxx: LL Gandbang (Actor) (2020)

Hell and Back: Scissors (Director/Editor, SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Skidmarxxx: Junk Mail (Actor / SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Rich Bum: Dear Officer (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Black Tar Superstar: Hail to the Succubus  (SPFX Makeup) (2020)

Ron Bruce: Back In My Ways  (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Black Tar Superstar: Serial  (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Mushroomhead: Madness (Props) (2021) 

Sponge: Stitch (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Two Dead Roses: Pet Seminary (Camera ) (2021)

Black Tar Superstar: Cosmic Devil Trip (SPFX Makeup) (2021)

Olathia: Believe (SPFX Makeup) (2021) Post Production

Hell and Back: Documentary  (Director/Editor) Pre production

Nunslaughter:   (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Voices of the Dammed: Lady Bathony  (SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Blind Cross: Invisible Friend (Director/ SPFX Makeup) (2022) Announced

Morality Check: Boundaries  (SPFX Makeup/Writer/Producer) (2022) Announced

Morality Check: To Each His Own (SPFX Makeup/Writer/Producer) (2022) Announced